Peru Adventure with Machu Picchu, Cusco and
 Lake Titicaca -  October 5th - 14th

This will be our 4th Peru trip with Machu Picchu and Cusco and our 2nd time to Lake Titicaca.

Machu Picchu, called the Lost City of the Incas, is of on most people's list of places to see but you will also love our other two destinations. 

We land in Lima, Peru and spend one night before departing for Cusco, the center of the Incan world.  We値l tour the city and ruins including the Temple of the Sacred Water and we値l even have an opportunity to mountain bike through the Sacred Valley (see itinerary below).  After 2-nights we will then take the Inca Express train through the unforgettable Urubamba Gorge for our 2-night visit to Machu Picchu where we can trek through the final stretch of the Inca Trail.

There are really no words to explain Machu Picchu adequately except to say it is majestic and magical. With surreal clouds that hang from the surrounding mountains it appears as if these sacred ruins are leaping out from a fantasy. It is one of my favorite places destinations on earth. If you are not up for the approximate 5-6 hour and very steep hike to the Sun Gate, you will stay on the train and can visit the next day. You will also have the option to take the smaller hike to Huaynapicchu mountain that offers an incredible view of Machu Picchu (see details below).

NOTE: Our Inca Trail hike is now sold out that is described above. All new sign-ups will not be able to join us for this hike but we will sign you up for the hike up to Huaya Picchu (see photo above. It's the peak behind us) the following day, still part of the Inca trail and very well worth coming on this trip.

From there we値l spend one more night in Cusco and then take a bus to Puno and the shores of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. We値l enjoy the incredible view of the herds of alpaca and llamas grazing on these highland pampas, interspersed with small villages, and the majestic backdrop of the Andes. Here, indigenous culture is at its height despite modernization of the rest of the Andes.

The Uros Islands are divided into 35 floating islands with about 1000 habitants divided into 250 families.  In the 13th century the Uros Indians took refuge in the middle of the lake痴 water in order to escape slavery and fighting with the Incas. We値l even have an opportunity to stay with the locals (an experience you will never forget). Then we値l visit to the famous pre-inca tombs of Sillustani on the way, located on the shores of the solitary Umayo Lagoon, these tombs or 鼎hullpas with circular shaped towers were a cemetery for the religious leaders of Tiawanacu Culture almost 2000 years ago. We値l head back to Lima, spend the night, and then head home on Sunday the 14th.

Cost: 10 DAYS, 8 NIGHTS - $2,179


  • Round trip international air from LAX (deduct $584 with your own air)
  • 10-nights accommodations (double occ.)
  • Domestic air
  • All ground transportation
  • Daily Breakfast
  • 4 lunches
  • 4 dinners including a Folklore show.
  • All entrance fees
  • Option of mountain biking or tour of Ollaytatambo

Single supplement: $395


  • Departure taxes or fuel surcharge (currently at $676)

 OUR AIR: We are on LAN airlines from LAX. You are welcome to do your own air but would also need 2 domestic flights. You would deduct $584 with your own air and would need to also purchase the domestic flights.

1 LA     601        05OCT         LAX-LIM        120P 1201A 06OCT
2 LA     2097      06OCT         LIM-JUL        1050A 1225P
3 LA     2032      13OCT         CUZ-LIM        420P 745P
4 LA     2604      14OCT         LIM-LAX        1255P 735P

 OUR HOTELS: Our hotels are either 3 or 4-star

LIMA: San Blas Hotel-

CUSCO: Siete ventanas hotel -
Trip Advisor:

MACHU PICCHU:  Wiracocha hotel
Trip advisor:

Trip Advisor:



October 5th

12:01 am (Oct 6th ) Arrive Lima. After collecting luggage we値l transfer to our hotel.

                   Overnight in Lima. Meals not included

October 6th

LIMA               Buffet breakfast

 9:00 AM      Transfer to airport for your flight to Cusco. 11:10 am departure time, Lan flight LA 023.

12:25 PM        Arrival in Cusco.  Transfer to your hotel  or start city tour after arrival.

  1:30 PM        CITY TOUR + RUINS

          The  tour  will  show  you  the amazing  colonial  city built on the foundations  of  the Inca palaces.  You will visit the Koricancha or Temple of the Sun, where  you can  appreciate the incredible masonry  of the Incas,  the  Plaza de Armas and the Cathedral with its carved woodworks, altars and paintings.  Then  you  will  be  driven to the  Inca fortress of Sacsahuam疣, to  the underground cave and temple of Kenko and to Tambomachay, known as the Baths of the Inca.

8:00 PM         Dinner & folklore show at Tunupa restaurant

                        Overnight in Cusco.  Breakfast included

October 7th CUZCO                            

8:30 AM Depart for PISAC MARKET 

           You will be driven through a scenic landscape to the Urubamba Valley, the "Sacred Valley of the Incas".  Arriving  at the town of Pisac, an hour  drive from Cuzco,  you will visit the colorful Pisac Market, where the local Indians meet to sell their merchandise as they have done for centuries. There is also a handicraft market.

*Optional mountain biking after Market For those not biking. They will take the tour of Ollaytatambo.

Overnight in Cusco.  Breakfast and lunch included



           The town of Ollantaytambo  with  its  imposing  Inca fortress. It  was here that Manco Inca  defeated  the  Spanish  in  1538 before  fleeing  to the Vilcabamba. You will climb the  steep stone  steps   up to  the   fortress   and can admire  the  huge monoliths  that  form the  Temple of the Sun  and the view down the valley. 

 October 8th


Bring luggage to lobby & pack an overnight bag for the trip (approx 20 pounds, like a backpack) to Machu Picchu & a small back pack. Cannot bring large luggage on train

          Pick  up  from  your hotel  and transfer to the Train station. Train stops at  Km 104 and this is where the hikers will exit the train. This hike is optional, but if you signed up for this trip late we were not able to sign you up.   If you would like to read more about this hike, here is a website that describes it some more:                 

           THE HIKE: We cross  a  hanging  bridge  and  we  continue to Chachabamba  site, These  ruins, discovered  in 1940, are located on the  old  Inca road that ran along the southern bank of the Urubamba river.  The  style of  buildings and stonework suggest that this was an  important  religious  site, as   well  as having  the  secondary function as a gate house guarding this entrance to Machu Picchu.    From  Chachabamba  the Inca Trail climbs the hillside, entering some woods and crossing a small stream. After about 2 hours after leaving Chachabamba, the path at last  descends into  a nice Valley where it becomes a canyon and the cloud forest begins to appear. (Lunch time) After lunch we continue and we'll  reach  a beautiful waterfall, and soon  after leave the forest to arrive  at  the foot  of  the superb ruins of Wiay Wayna. You will climb up stairway and pass through the  urban  area  of  the terraces and many stone buildings passing a series of Inca baths. In the afternoon we will finally reach the door of the sun (INTIPUNKU) from where the trail winds  downhill. The classic view into the lost citadel  will be a unique experience, we descend toward the town of Aguas            

           Non-hikers Arrive into Aguas Caliente 9:15 am and have a free day.  Our tour includes one day in Machu Picchu, which we have set up for Tuesday. If you wish to go in today you will need to purchase your own ticket at a cost of approx. $50.

                        Dinner at Hotel.  Overnight at Aguas Calientes

Breakfast and Box Lunch included

October 9th

AQUA CALIENTE                American breakfast

                        After an early breakfast we will take the bus to get Machu Picchu and  make a guided tour to the Inka Citadel and surroundings.       We can form 2 groups today to see Machu Picchu. We will discuss the times with you when we are there.

                        Overnight in Aguas Calientes

Breakfast and lunch included  

October 10th

AQUA CALIENTE                 American breakfast

           The morning is free. You may want to visit the hot springs or just stroll and do some shopping.

          2:30 p.m. This is the time to meet at the train station. You can bring your own baggage or the hotel will bring it for you. 

          Return by train to Cusco, reception at Rail station and transfer to your hotel.

           Overnight in Cusco -

Breakfast included

October 11th CUSCO-PUNO

CUZ                Buffet breakfast

            06:30  Early morning  you will be picked up in your hotel for  the day long bus  journey to Puno on the  shores  of  Lake  Titicaca,  the  highest  navigable  lake  in the  world.  Enjoy  the incredible view  of the  herds of alpaca and llamas grazing on these highland  pampas, interspersed with small villages, and the majestic backdrop of the Andes. You will be served lunch at a local restaurant.

                        Overnight in Puno

Breakfast and lunch included 

October 12th

PUN                Buffet breakfast

            06:00  You will  be informed by  your guide about the, schedules and necessities for the trip.  Departure  time by car from the hotel to the port of Puno. Departure  by  boat to the floating islands of the エエUrosエエ The  ancient people  that lived on Lake Titicaca  keep their own ways of survival - fishing and picking up products that are offered  by  the  lake. After, we値l visit Taquile, the Island of mystery, where time has stopped. The people preserve their ancient way of life,  and  according  to  their  philosophy, trust, kindness and values, almost forgotten today, are seen on this island.  The  passengers  will  be  accommodated  in the homes of the local people. After lunch we will have a complete visit of the island in its archaeological, mystic and esoteric parts. We値l enjoy a typical dinner and music at their restaurant. Free time for more music or join a ``Pacco`` that could see your future in coca leaves, always conducted by their guide. 

                        Overnight in Home stay in Taquile

 Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

 October 13th

PUN                Breakfast

           If you wake up early you can enjoy the most spectacular sunrise of the Andes. From the island you will be able to see the lake and across it, the chain of the Illimani snow mountain. After breakfast we will visit some of the houses and ways of life of the people. Departure from the island to Puno and transfer to hotel.

            12:00  SILLUSTANI GRAVES: We will have a guided visit to the famous  pre-Inca tombs of Sillustani. Located  on the  shores of the solitary Umayo Lagoon, these tombs or "Chullpas" with circular shaped towers were a cemetery for the religious leaders of Tiawanacu Culture, almost 2000 years ago.

           Then, transfer to the airport for your flight to Lima 15:25 Departure time Lan Peru flight

            5:35 Arrival in Lima by Lan Peru flight. Reception and transfer to the Rosa Nautica Restaurant

            17:35  Dinner at Rosa Natica restaurant

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Overnight in Lima.

 October 14th

   9:10 am Depart Lima for LAX

   3:50 pm Arrive LA.

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