British Columbia Singles Vacation

AUGUST 1st - 9th

Here’s another wonderful summer destination that makes for great singles travel. With all the beautiful scenery and adventures to be had in BC this one is right up our alley. We will be able to go bicycling, hiking, river rafting and enjoy day trips to historic and beautiful towns. We’ll spend a couple of days in Vancouver and enjoy all the beauty of this wonderful city, considered one of the most desirable places in the world to live or visit. A cosmopolitan city nestled between the ocean and the Coast Mountains.

Then, we’ll hop on board our luxury train that will take us on a 2-day journey across amazing scenery.  We’ll be on the Rocky Mountaineer’s Kicking Horse Route from Vancouver to Banff, weaving its way through the towns and villages that grew around and supported the construction of this crucial railway. Experience the exceptional service Rocky Mountaineer is known for while taking in the legendary landmarks, architectural feats, and natural wonders that echo with the spirit of Canada’s West.  With an overnight stay in Kamloops, at the junction of the mighty Fraser and the Thompson River, this two-day, all daylight, rail experience, ensures that not a moment of this spectacular journey will be missed. To read more about this train journey go to and find the route to Banff on the Kicking Horse Route. We will end our journey in Banff where we will spend another 4 nights and enjoy a ton of outdoor activities.  Want to see what there is to do in Banff?  Go to We’ll hike, take a cycle tour, river raft and enjoy the great outdoors. We will rent cars while in Banff so people can get out and explore. We’ll fly out from Calgary. So, if you like scenic beautiful and exciting outdoors activities out of your singles travel, this singles trip is for you.

 $2,350 INCLUDES:

  • 7 nights accommodations (double occupancy)
  • air from LAX (deduct $540 with your own air)
  • 2-day Rocky Mountaineer Train excursion
  • daily breakfast
  • half of the car rental
  • Departure taxes!  

 *Alternatively, as the train portion of this trip is over $800, you can spend an extra night in Vancouver and fly to Banff to meet the group in which case you would deduct $500.  Let us know your preference when you sign up. We'll have more info for you in our weekly updates with links to the hotels as they become available. $200 deposit to get signed up. Let’s get a fun group of people on this one!

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