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We’ll get a chance to see 3 of the best cities of Spain in this 9-night visit – Madrid, Seville and Barcellona. Madrid stands at the very center of Spain- geographically, culturally and politically. It not only offers the culture and good times of a sophisticated, modern city but it also retains the charm and elegance of its early years. The power and glory of Madrid is reflected in its parks, plazas and boulevards. The city remains thoroughly Spanish and we’ll have time to see many of the spectacular museums and cathedrals and it's a great base for many potential day trips.

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Maybe we’ll go to Segovia, just an hour away from Madrid which is one of Spain’s most spectacular cities with  vestiges of the past such as the incredible Roman aqueduct which towers over the town dating back to the 1st century AD. There are several other very interesting towns I've read about that we can visit which offer spectacular monasteries and palaces. Then it’s on to Seville the capital of  the Andalusia region which was once ruled by the Romans. This area is known as “the bridge between two continents” or “the gateway to Europe” and has been coveted by many cultures since the earliest period of mankind. The landscape creates a superb mix which ranges from the monumental big towns to the traditional nature of small villages, Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain but is a compact maze of narrow streets with a fascinating choice of places to visit. The Gothic Cathedral is considered the biggest in Europe and it occupies the site of a great Mosque built in the late 12th century. The medieval Jewish quarter and Santa Cruz offer flower-lined streets, houses adorned with exquisite wrought iron and seemingly endless restaurants and taverns.  

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Finally we'll head to the coast and visit Barcellona, without doubt one of Europe’s most exciting cities. This region is called Catalonia and has a varied landscape with it’s deep valleys, remote mountain villages, large capital cities, snow-capped peaks, spacious beaches and even tiny coves that may be reached only from the sea.  It’s a wonderful destination. Home of the Olympic Games in 1992, it is a place of extraordinary architectural dazzle with monumental sculptures by local masters that adorn public spaces. Museums house treasures ranging from works of the ancient Romans to those of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí. The city is further enhanced by brightly colored outdoor markets, a magnificent Mediterranean port where yachts sway peacefully, and a plentiful array of stylish restaurants. Needless to say, the nightlife is outstanding.  We can take a day trip to the town of Figueres and visit the Dali museum which houses the biggest collection of art from the town’s most famous native, Salvador Dali. We’ll be staying in great hotels along the way (more info to come via email updates) and travel between the destinations via train and plane.

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We’ll fly into Madrid and depart from Barcellona.  We are also working on a potential extension at the end of the trip to the island of Ibiza for the weekend to enjoy some of the epic nightlife and beach action (as seen on Wild On). The price, which includes all transfers, daily breakfast, first class hotels and 3 city tours is just $2,150 (does not include departure tax which was running $160 at press time). That’s a very good deal on this fantastic trip for this time of year. So let’s sign you up!!  $200 deposit to claim your spot. Look for more info in the updates as it becomes available.


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