About Us


Ed Reder has been in the singles travel business for 31 years. First with the Athletic Singles Association, a Southern California based club with locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego and a membership of over 1,500 then with Singles in Paradise. Ed has taken groups literally all over the world. Exotic locations include Fiji, Tahiti, Bali, Australia, Belize, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, South Africa, South America, Russia, Kenya, Egypt, Spain, Panama, Peru, New Zeland and many more.  As owner of Singles in Paradise, Ed invites you to join him and singles from all over the country for the next adventure.  He brings an honest, ethical, hard-working reputation to the table and enjoys every minute of it.

Most of the destinations we offer, we have already brought groups to.  We research our trips extensively to find the best tours, activities and adventure that appeal to active singles. We stay in excellent hotels that are also good value so we can offer amazing travel deals.  We keep our travelers informed with advance information including links for more information on our destinations, packing lists and guidelines to keep in mind when traveling to other countries.  We also keep our groups together with morning and evening meetings.  If you're ready to travel and enjoy some laughs, camaraderie and even romance then you will love our trips.   

We want this to be your best vacation ever. We're confident it will be. 

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