Do I need to be athletic? No, most of the activities don't require any athletic ability.

Do I just sign up as a single? Yes, we will find a roommate for you based on your age. We room same sex together.

What about car rentals? For liability purposes we do not include rental cars, but do recommend them. We get discounts on rental cars for our groups and will pair people together at the airport. Cost will run approximately $50 per person for the week. 

Can I supply my own air? Yes, we will deduct $350 from the price of the trip when you supply your own air. You will need to hire a taxi to transport you from the airport if your flight does not coincide with our schedule.

Do I need snorkel equipment? You'll probably snorkel just once or twice on your own on our trip. When we go to Molokini or Lanai on a snorkel cruise, the companies supply the equipment. There are rentals in Maui too for our beach dives for just a couple of dollars a day, so unless you plan to snorkel on other trips soon, don't bother purchasing.

What about food? Food is not included in our trip, but each condo does have a full kitchen. Stock up on snacks and breakfast items on your first day. Most evenings we'll be going out to dinner.

What's the cancellation policy? 
120 days before departure or greater - $50 cancellation fee. 
90-120 days - $150. 
Within 90 days of departure all fees become non-refundable unless a substitution can be made in which case there will be a $150 cancellation fee. 

Can I request a seat assignment?
Not through us, but once you are ticketed, normally within 30-days of departure, you are welcome to call the airline directly.

Can I extend or deviate my trip?
Again, not through us. You may be able to change your ticket with the airlines directly within 30-days of departure.

How will I get my ticket? We will have a representative at LAX to hand out tickets the day of departure. If you would prefer to have your ticket in advance, or are flying from another airport, we can send your ticket to you certified mail. Handling cost - $15.

Is there any more I need to know? When we get within 3 weeks of the trip, we will send out a trip letter. The letter shows who your roommates are, who's coming along with phones numbers and from which city. This will help with carpooling to the airport if you'd like to share a ride.


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