If I counted correctly, I have been on approximately SEVENTEEN trips with Singles in Paradise so far and I have always been completely satisfied with Ed Reder's service and trip planning. People ask me all the time if they are fun, a good value, etc., and my answer is always yes. Traveling is naturally filled with potential flaws and changes. That's part of the adventure!  Singles in Paradise ROCKS !

I was on the Greece trip this past October. This was my 4th trip with Singles in Paradise. We were provided with email updates prior to the trip and encouraged to read the itinerary and keep a copy with us so we are informed of the daily activities available. If anything deviated from that, the daily meetings during the trip provided updates.

 Just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a great job on Greece. Rick and I had so much fun and really appreciated that it was so well organized and the hotels were nice. Laura Grad

I took a trip to Greece with Singles in Paradise, Ed Reder as the leader. It was my first time traveling this way and I thought the trip was wonderful. Ed did a decent job at organizing 40+ adults. I liked that we had the freedom to be adults and branch out on our own if we wanted. The options may have left some feeling less cared for, but I appreciated having the responsibility for myself. The things that make the impressions are what you choose to focus on. Traveling with a large group makes transitions from one activity to another take more time then if you were on your own. What surprised me more than Ed's leadership style was the attitude of some of the travelers who acted like spoiled children and expected to be treated like they were the only ones on the trip. Ed provided all the information necessary, encouraged us to be informed, held daily meetings to provide updates and options and most of all arranged great tours and accomodations. I thought the trip was wonderful, I didn't have to worry about the details of traveling (flights, hotels, tours, etc.), but got to take a wonderful trip loaded with activities and meet some great friends. It was exactly what I was looking for.

I recently took the trip to Greece with about 42 people. I had a fantastic time. The price was amazing!! The rooms were to die for. The people were a variety of ages with the youngest being in her late 20s. Everyone was really fun.  Ed does have meetings every night to inform everyone of the next days plan. The important times and places are given to you before you even leave for the trip. I liked that I could go with the group or go out on my own everyday. Like the previous poster , I appreciated being treated like an adult.  If you are looking for a very structured group, this may not be for you. There is no hand holding. But for me, this made the trip better. I was able to see parts of Greece that perhaps were not of interest to the whole group. We broke off in smaller groups very naturally each day depending on what we wanted to see that day. We had many structured tours available to us on this trip. I took some of them and not others. The tours that I took were great. I would recommend traveling with Ed. I will go again in the future!!!


I've been on many trips with Singles in Paradise since 2002. To list a few: Fiji, Tahiti, Costa Rica, Honduras, Thailand, Belize, Panama, Hawaii and Peru. The trips are very well organized. There are plenty of activities and great people - I've been on them both single and with my girlfriend (typically there are several couples on each trip). Cost is excellent and he doesn't sacrifice quality - we stayed at great places. Ed does a great job if things go wrong (very rare).  My recommendation is the trips where you're staying in no more than 2 destinations on a 8 - 9 day trip, to minimize the time spent in transit. I've not done Europe with SIP (as I'm from there and know my way around). Most of the people are from southern California, but there are a number (varies) from elsewhere.


Hiya! I just returned from a trip to Greece/Turkey with Ed's group and we had an absolute blast! It was affordable and very memorable. I cannot recommend them highly enough, You can reach me at pokerkat2@gmail.com  if you have questions or would like for me to go into more detail. Kathy B., San Diego, CA


I have been on two trips with SIP over the past few years, and can't wait for the next one! I just happened upon Ed's website while searching Google for singles trips. Ed does a great job planning the trips for responsible adults who can think and act for themselves. He also takes the brunt of the responsibility for the 'high maintenance' travelers so they don't ruin the trip for all. I appreciate this because these people are usually the ones that aren't going to be happy no matter what and I don't want them ruining my trip. Most of the travelers on SIP trips are very experienced and knowledgeable travelers and a lot of fun. I highly recommend, and always DO to my single friends, Ed Reder and Singles In Paradise!


Ive been on at least 11 trips with Ed and SIP to Tahiti, Bali, Fiji, Australia, Thailand, Spain, and Greece. I am considering 1-2 SIP trips in 2011 depending on my schedule and budget. I also travel extensively on my own for both business and pleasure. I really appreciate the effort Ed takes to organize the flights, hotels, transfers, and optional activities during the trips. Doing this on your own can take an enormous amount of time. When it comes to organizing trips, Ed is an expert! He definitely knows what he is doing Ed has contacts in the travel industry around the world. that can result in once-in-a lifetime experiences. Imagine snorkeling with whales in Mooreas lagoon!.


I was on a trip to Vietnam with Singles in Paradise and had a wonderful time. We were busy almost every day with organized activities and sightseeing. This is a very fun group to travel with. Very afforable, you couldn't see as much if you were on your own for this price. The overnight boat trip on the Halong Bay was beautiful. Thanks for such a fun trip.


My fiance and I went to Galapagos/Ecuador with Singles in Paradise (SP) in June 2010. We've researched other similar tours and found the SP trip to be the best value for the money. We enjoyed all the hotels/activities and the food was phenomenal. Swimming with the sea lions was unbelievable and was an experience of a life time which Ed Reder was able to videotape and share. Ed always looked after the best interest of his tour members so we were surprised to see the two negative reviews. Yes, there was a problem with our connecting flights back to the US but Ed made sure that he solved the problem. Ed also provided advanced travel information / itinerary before and during the trip. We've traveled with SP to Thailand, Peru, Maui, Costa Rica, Peru, Croatia and Belize .. and we look forward to our next trip!

I went on the trip to Greece this fall with Singles in Paradise and had a great time. Ed did a great job of planning the routes, itinerary, and activities. The hotels he chose were really great, especially for the money. It was a really fun trip and I met a lot of great people. I would definitely travel with Singles in Paradise again.

I have taken two trips with Singles in Paradise and they were both well organized and the people on the trip were a blast. I did the Greece trip which was awesome and provided lots of time to roam on our own. The Vietnam trip was packed with activities and we saw a lot. I would do a trip with Ed again.

Please know, Ed, that I had an absolutely fantastic time. You helped make a long time dream of mine come true. I was telling everyone on our last day that I didn't want to leave and could easily stay another week if I had the money. The activities you set up were so much fun and you really took care to make sure that there was a good variety of activities to choose from.

The accommodations were very comfortable and the view from our balcony at the Luana Kai was spectacular. Every morning I sat on the balcony and ate fresh pineapple and just drank in the view! But of course that was just the start of each day. I loved the daytime activities and just wish I could have done more. I don't know if you know this or not but I did bike down Haleakala after all. That was wonderful also. I really appreciate how you made sure that the whole group had dinner together each night. And then going to the night clubs after dinner was great also. The night we all saw Willie K was fantastic. You were right. It was great music. Yes, when I go on vacation,

I want to experience it all and this trip was the best for me. Thanks for letting me be a part of your group.

Well, Ed, all I can say is thank you for setting up Singles in Paradise. It truly provides an economical way for singles to travel to exotic places that might otherwise be out of reach.

Valerie, N. Carolina

I am very happy with the service you provided us, with all the cancellations etc...I don't know how you kept it all straight! Thanks again for everything!

Adventures 2000, Phoenix, Arizona

Thanks a million!

Hi Ed,
I just wanted to say "Thanks!" for showing us all a great time in Maui! You did a wonderful job and really made sure we were all taken care of. I really appreciate that.

Shane Fox, California

Just wanted to say thanks for a great trip. I had a lot of fun. The bike trip and the snorkeling were my favorite things of the week. You did a great job

Carol Winn, San Diego, California

Ed, thanks for the nice week, I know it was a lot of work for you.

Chris Martin, Newport Beach, California

The Maui trip was excellent! There were lots of fun adventures to experience and the people on the trip were very friendly and outgoing. It was easy to make lots of new friends. I'm definitely glad I decided to go! Ed does a great job at planning trips and making sure all works smoothly. All the details are taken care of, which makes for a pleasant and relaxing vacation. This trip is definitely a must for singles that want to experience paradise
in Maui! 

Mavis Nigro, Las Vegas

Thank you very much for all your help on the Maui trip. I had a wonderful time. Perhaps I might join your next group in February. 

Emi Stomenova, Chicago

I am going through "Maui Withdrawl"! I had a terrific time and I'm not looking
forward to going back to work..

Mary Ellen Vojtek, Burbank, California

I had a wonderful time. Thanks for doing such an excellent job putting it
all together & making it happen!  

Bonnie, Florida

You'd think after getting sick and cutting my leg I'd had a bad trip. Not the case. I had a great trip. Thanks for all your did. See you in two weeks in Tahiti!  

Andy, Calfornia

Great trip! The hike was awesome. I had no idea you played such a hot guitar and sing too. I stilll can't believe the imprompt harmony we got from our singing. 

Thanks, Rick, San Diego, Calfornia

This was an awesome trip. We had a wonderful time.

 Mai Ramey, California

Singles in Paradise~

MAUI 2004

 As I began my search on the internet

With a singles group on my mind

The kind with travel and adventure

Id surely hope to find

And just by luck it came to me

I found this awesome site

It could offer more than my wildest dreams

A place of tropical delight

The owners name is Ed you know

He arranged my ticket so I could go

Then once I came and did some things

That took me by surprise

Like snorkeling and snuba dive through blue colors

In the ocean deep below

While swimming with the fish that were fast

And sometimes slow

The paragliding gently landed in a meadow field of green

The hike up in the rain forest felt quite peaceful and serene

The food, fun and Willie Ks

Leaves nothing to regret

Along the way Ill treasure all the friends that I have met


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