Santiago, Chile and Easter Island

This write-up is from 2018. We have not finalized trip trip but this is what we expect to include

September 5th - 17th, 2023

Here's another new trip for us! That is Easter Island is new and Santiago, Chille we have brought a group to in the past and looking forward to returning.

We start off with 4-nights in Santiago where we will enjoy a diverse choice of tours ranging from taking walks along the Paseo Ahumada, wine tasting, hiking the mountains of Patagonia to a natural mineral hot spring, bicycling and more. Click here to see the tours

The old town of Santiago offers stalls selling trinkets and surrounded by Colonial buildings and full of street painters and musicians who perform all sorts of concerts on the stage. Climbing up the exuberantly landscaped Santa Lucía hill - via a maze of swirling stairways, turrets and fountains - is an essential part of the Santiago experience. Your reward is sweeping views over the city. The narrow streets and village-like atmosphere of Bellavista, the capital’s arty, bohemian quarter, make for a great wander.

We’ll offer a wine tasting tour that was one of the highlights of our last trip with a beautiful setting. There are also many excellent beaches about an hour and a half’s bus ride away. 


On the 25th we will fly to Easter Island, the mysterious island that has had researchers baffled for years.


We will set up a variety of day tours:



We'll start our tour of the island by driving along the southern coast. Our first stop are at Ahus Vaihu and Akahanga. Ahu, which means "sacred place," refers to the rectangular stone platform on which the famous Moai (enormous, 100-ton basalt statues) were often erected. Next we'll head to the volcanic crater of Rano Raraku. This might be the most impressive site on the island. Seventy standing sentinels, embedded up to their shoulders in grass on the south slope of the volcanic crater Rano Raraku, lead the way to the quarry or "nursery" inside of the impressive crater rim. This is where the Moai were cut from volcanic tuff, and some 150 figures remain here in all stages of completion. They are mute witnesses to the mystery that suddenly stopped all work. You visit the Ahu of some of the nearby Moai, and check out the holes in the crater rim that were used to maneuver the statues. We'll drive to Ahu Te Pito Kura on the northern coast and visit the Anakena beach, the legendary landing place of the island's founder Hota Matua. After swimming and relaxing in this piece of South Pacific paradise, return to the hotel for the evening.



Drive to Rano Kau Volcano, the biggest on the island, whose enormous crater is now a fresh water lake with floating green fields of totora reeds. This site offers an exceptional view of three tiny and craggy off-shore islands: Nui, Motu and Kao-Kao. Perched 400 meters above the lake on the crater wall is the ceremonial village of Orongo, where the bizarre "bird man" ritual took place. The partially restored village has 48 oval buildings built out of overlapping stone slabs. Over the cliffs you can see an amazing string of "bird man" petroglyphs.

The Ana Kai Tangata cave sits at the end of a beautiful little bay. A rocky trail leads you to the cave entrance, and venturing inside you see a few paintings relating to the birdman culture. Once you've explored the cave, return to your hotel and have the afternoon free.

At the ceremonial center of Ahu Akivi there are seven standing Moais who, unlike most others, look out at the sea. It is said they represent the sons of a Maori sorcerer sent to search for Rapa Nui, the home for King Hotu Matua. However, Georgia Lee states "their function was to look out over the ceremonial area... the ocean just happens to be out there in the distance." Approximately a week after the spring equinox, the seven statues all look directly at the setting sun. This inland ahu was restored in 1960, and all around the site are volcanic caves which you are free to explore. The most impressive caves are called "Two Windows" and the "Cave of the Banana." Before returning to your base, visit Ahu Tepeu and the quarry Puna Pau, where topknots - hats or hairpieces for the Moai, in essence - were carved from the soft volcanic scoria.

After our 4-nights on Easter Island we fly back to Santiago and spend one more night. We felt it was best to break up our flights and not try to return home in one day. We will have another full day on the 29th before heading to the airport for our 9:25 pm flight that gets us back to LA early Sunday morning the 30th.

This will certainly be another epic trip that you will love. We're also very happy with the price we've been able to bring this in at which includes not just the air but also the departure tax!


  • Round trip international air from LAX
  • 9-nights accommodations (double occ.)
  • All ground transportation
  • Guide service in Santiago
  • Daily Breakfast

    Single supplement: $850

 Deduct $1,700 with your own air


We should have our air posted by October, 2022




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